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Real-time analysis, for maximum protection

VirusKeeper detects viruses, spyware and any other potentially malicious programs. VirusKeeper also protects Internet Explorer, which has increasingly become a target for malware attacks.
VirusKeeper boasts an advanced real-time analysis engine that constantly protects your computer while you work.

To ensure maximum security, VirusKeeper includes several protection systems:

Windows system files and directories protection
Viruses often target the Windows system files or try to hide themselves in the Windows system directories. VirusKeeper protects the system files and detects changes and intrusions. When VirusKeeper locates a virus or any other program attempting to change the Windows system files, it alerts the user and neutralizes the threat.

Windows registry protection
The Windows registry contains large amounts of settings and data required by Windows. It serves as another good target for viruses and other malicious programs. VirusKeeper constantly protects the Windows registry and detects and prevents any potentially dangerous changes. It will alert the user when this happens.

Active process scan
VirusKeeper identifies and constantly monitors all active programs (processes) loaded in memory. Once a malicious program or suspicious activity is detected, VirusKeeper displays an alert and neutralizes the threat.

I/O port monitoring
Some viruses, like Sasser, infiltrate the computer through input/output ports. These viruses do not need email to propagate themselves: they can infect any computer connected to the internet ! VirusKeeper constantly watches the PC I/O ports and detects any suspicious activity. VirusKeeper displays information about potentially dangerous activity and gives the user the chance to stop it.

Real-time spyware detection
Spyware infections have considerably increased during the past two years. Spyware can infect the computer through a program or a web page. Once installed, spyware can show advertising pop ups, install toolbars and buttons in Internet Explorer and monitor a user's computer activity, while significantly slowing down the computer. Since spyware is a fairly recent threat, classical antivirus programs often do not detect it. VirusKeeper constantly protects your computer against spyware; it detects and prevents any malware installation. VirusKeeper can also identify all current spyware programs.

Browser protection
Microsoft Internet Explorer is the major web navigator in the world, making it a good target for malicious programs ! Some programs and web sites install toolbars or change the search page without the user's permission. VirusKeeper constantly protects Internet Explorer and detects any changes in the default pages, settings or external components.

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