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VirusKeeper 2011 Pro for full protection

VirusKeeper 2011 Pro integrates in one single product the best protection technologies currently available: real-time shield, behavioural analysis, automatic scanner, traditional antivirus/anti-spyware scanners, Internet browser protection, Messenger protection, protection of strategic system files.

 Fast antivirus scanner
VirusKeeper 2011 Pro includes a very fast antivirus scanner.

 Automatic scan of suspicious files
VirusKeeper 2011 Pro automatically scans suspicious files.

 Anti-spyware scanner
VirusKeeper 2011 Pro includes an anti-spyware scanner.

The Messenger Protect technology permanently protects the Messenger instant messaging software. Messenger Protect automatically analyses all files received via Messenger.

 Back-Door detect
VirusKeeper 2011 Pro includes “Back Door Detect” technology that automatically detects any back door opening. Certain malicious programs like Trojan horses and spyware open back doors to transmit information or allow remote takeover of the infected computer.

For a detailed comparison between VirusKeeper Standard and VirusKeeper Pro, click here .

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