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VirusKeeper Pro : for maximum protection

Computers are exposed more and more to increasingly virulent threats like viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and dialers.

VirusKeeper Professional provides maximum protection against all current threats. Its multiple safeguards allow users to work uninterrupted.

VirusKeeper 2008 Pro combines the best protection technologies available in a single product:
   - Real-time shield: permanent threat detection
   - Real-time protection of Windows system folders
   - Real-time protection of Internet Explorer
   - Behavioral analysis detection of viruses and spyware
   - Automatic scanner that inspects new or suspicious files
   - Traditional, ultra-fast anti-virus scanner
   - Anti-spyware scanner

   - Anti-rootkit scanner

VirusKeeper 2008 Pro is compatible with other anti-virus and security programs, like anti-virus scanners, firewalls, spam filters, etc.

VirusKeeper Pro adds new features and protections to those of VirusKeeper Standard.


 An automatic scanner
VirusKeeper Pro automatically scans for new or suspicious files. While classical antivirus scanners systematically scan all files (a long and inefficient process), VirusKeeper Pro only scans at-risk files and then alerts the user if an infected file is detected.

 A comprehensive scanner
VirusKeeper Pro includes a comprehensive scanner that detects viruses, worms, trojans and dialers. This new tool allows users to perform deep scans of their systems to detect and remove all infected files.

 A thorough virus scan engine
VirusKeeper Pro includes a powerful virus scan engine that uses signature detection to locate and remove over 33,000 types of threats (viruses, worms, trojans and dialers). This engine complements the VirusKeeper real time engine to provide maximum detection capability.

 An improved real time engine
VirusKeeper Pro includes an enhanced version of the real time engine to provide faster and better detection.

A comprehensive spyware scanner
Spyware is unquestionably the fastest-growing category of harmful software. Spyware slows down a computer, causes crashes, and spies on the user. VirusKeeper 2006 Pro is equipped with a spyware scanner that thoroughly analyzes your system. It detects and deletes spyware, ad bars, and other harmful programs.

A comprehensive rootkit scanner
A rootkit is a malicious program with admin rights that is able to hide itself (files and processes).
Rookits are not detected by usual virus scanner. VirusKeeper 2008 Pro includes a powerfull rootkit scanner.
ProcessWatch II
VirusKeeper 2008 Pro boasts the new ProcessWatch II, which analyzes programs running in memory and detects harmful software. ProcessWatch II identifies all dangerous programs that start with Windows, like third-party browser add-ons. In a few clicks, the most virulent viruses are detected and stopped.

Ultra fast virus scanner
Ultra-fast scanner to detect and delete viruses, worms, Trojan horses and dialers.
Scanning your PC is never fun: it takes a long time and makes your PC work hard. VirusKeeper 2008 Pro has a new, powerful scanner that detects viruses, worms, Trojan horses and dialers. The scanner has been fully optimized in order to guarantee the shortest possible scan time. Written entirely in assembly language, it scans several hundred files a minute!

 A new Scan Scheduler
that allows you to run regular scans automatically, keeping your computer completely clean

 A new Program Report
function that generates a list of active harmful programs and the locations to which they’re installed

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VirusKeeper boasts a real-time threat analysis engine

Work uninterrupted while VirusKeeper quietly protects your computer

ProcessWatch detects and stops the most virulent viruses
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