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Clean MSN Virus: A free tool for getting rid of MSN Messenger viruses
Last version : v4.5.1 - February 17th, 2013

Click to enlargeDetect and delete viruses transmitted over MSN Messenger

Clean MSN Virus is a free tool that detects and deletes currently circulating MSN Messenger viruses.

For some time now, MSN Messenger has been used to spread viruses. During a conversation, a user receives, apparently from his contact, a link inviting him to open a file that looks like a photo. The file is in fact executable code that contains a virus. Once the user opens the file, the virus runs itself and is spread to everyone on the user’s contact list.

The Clean MSN Virus tool detects and deletes the various viruses that are spread via MSN Messenger, which are generically called MSN or MSN Messenger viruses.

There are many varieties of MSN Messenger viruses, such as Restarter.F, Agent.DWA, IRCBot.APY, Sdbot.CHA, Sdbot.BZY, IRCBot.AIU, SDbot.BXZ, Themida, Dropper, Trojan.Win32.Restarter.f Trojan.IRCBot-1698, W32/Smalltroj.CXEI, Win32/IRCBot.ADS, W32/Smalltroj.CXEI, TR/Agent.dwd.4, BackDoor.Ircbot, W32/Trojan2.TZD, Trojan.Win32.Agent.dwd, Worm:Win32/Pakabot.gen, W32/Downloader.IPQ, W32/IRCBot.BPQ.worm, Sus/Dropper-A, Sdbot alias party_jpg.zip, Ircbot alias MSN.com, Sdbot alias Dance_dec_jpg.zip, IRCBot alias virus MSN picts_????.zip,Sdbot alias virus MSN N039_jpg.zip Sdbot alias virus MSN Z058_jpg.zip, IRCbot alais virus MSN G038_jpg.zip/S_00305_jpg.zip, IRCBot alias virus MSN Photos-webcam2007.zip, Vanbot alias virus MSN Webcam_00002.com/Livecam1.com), IRCBot alias virus MSN Myalbum2007.zip, ...

Clean MSN Virus detects more than 4,000 variants of MSN virus.

Clean MSN Virus analyzes active processes in memory and files.

Clean MSN Virus is a specifically targeted disinfection tool that uses the technology of the antivirus program VirusKeeper.
To ensure that your computer is fully protected, install VirusKeeper Pro.

Download Clean Virus MSN v4.5.1


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