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VirusKeeper 2011 is available!
VirusKeeper 2011 Pro is a complete antivirus / anti-spyware software for Windows, incorporating the best protection technology currently available: real-time shield, behavioural analysis, real-time spyware detection, automatic scanning of suspicious files, ultra-rapid traditional virus/malware scanner, anti-spyware scanner, Windows File Protection, Internet Browser protection, real-time protection for Messenger, ProcessWatch advanced analysis tool, NetWatch network analysis tool. VirusKeeper 2011  Pro provides unrivalled protection against current threats. Like previous versions, VirusKeeper 2011 includes an exclusive behavioural analysis engine that permanently watches over and protects your PC from viruses (known or otherwise) and from spyware. VirusKeeper also protects valuable Windows system files, the registry and the Internet browser (which is increasingly the target of software or websites that install infected toolbars, or make non-requested changes to search and start-up pages). VirusKeeper also detects spyware circulating on the Internet, automatically, without intervention from the user. VirusKeeper is extremely easy to use: you just install it and it’s up and running. As soon as a harmful program is detected, VirusKeeper informs you and offers to neutralise it. The exclusive VirusKeeper technology consumes few memory resources/CPU and does not slow down the computer. VirusKeeper is compatible with other protection software (firewalls, scanners, etc.).

VirusKeeper detects viruses the day they come out
VirusKeeper is one of the only antivirus programs that detected the Sasser Korgo, and Bagle viruses they day they were released. Lots of other antivirus software detected them after the PC became infected !

An old-fashioned antivirus scanner isn’t enough anymore!
The spread of high-speed and permanent internet connections has allowed the propagation of viruses to accelerate considerably. This acceleration has again demonstrated the weakness of traditional antivirus scanners that can only locate viruses that have a known signature. Every epidemic of a new virus (or variant of an older virus) goes undetected for a time by these older scanners. That’s how viruses like Sasser were able to infect several million computers in one day, even though most of them were protected by antivirus scanners. Today, this kind of protection is insufficient. A real-time shield or a scanner based on behavioral analysis—protections provided by VirusKeeper—allow PCs to detect new viruses as soon as they appear.

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