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ProcessWatch :  a tool for tracking viruses

Click to enlargeVirus creators are always using new tricks to elude antivirus protections. The 2011 Edition of VirusKeeper provides a powerful new feature : ProcessWatch. ProcessWatch monitors programs in memory, making it an effective weapon against the more virulent viruses. It also provides information (file name, location, size, DLLs used) about each process and automatically detects dangerous programs. With a single click, the user can stop any running program.

VirusKeeper 2011 boasts the new ProcessWatch, which analyzes programs running in memory and detects harmful software. ProcessWatch identifies all programs that start with Windows and all third-party browser add-ons.

NetWatch :  a tool to control which programs are connected to the Internet

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NetWatch is a tool that enables you to identify all the programs that transmit or receive information over the network or the Internet.


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