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Users of VirusKeeper express their satisfaction

Denis S. (New York)
ďIíve just installed your new VirusKeeper Professional Edition. This is the third version of VirusKeeper Iíve bought. With the new version, Iíve got, like usual, a product thatís comprehensive and easy to use. Iíve been able to appreciate the various improvements and additions, especially the anti-rootkit featureÖ Since Iíve had VirusKeeper on my PC, I havenít been bothered by any viruses or spyware.Ē

Bill  R. (Atlanta)
ďIíve been using VirusKeeper since the 2005 version, and Iím very happy about it. What I particularly like is its ease of use and the fact that most of its tasks are run automatically. In the two years that Iíve had VirusKeeper, Iíve never had a virus or spyware.Ē

Richard J. (Detroit)
ďI installed VirusKeeper on my office PC and my laptop. My two computers have been protected by VirusKeeper for six months now. VirusKeeper doesnít slow down my computer like the antivirus program that I had before. The difference is obvious.Ē

Michel A., CEO of a business of 34 people (San Jose)
ďBefore VirusKeeper, we had to reformat a PC at least once a trimester because it was infected with a virus or something. Our computers have been protected by VirusKeeper for 14 months and we havenít had to format a single one. Good going!Ē

Robert S., over the internet
ďI just bought the new 2008 version. Itís very nice to use. This is the first time Iíve installed and gotten a handle on a new program so quickly. This is really a great product!Ē
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